Services and Pricing

When comparing pricing, please be aware that at Shady Acres all playtime is included. Dogs play outside in our large shade covered yards with friends the majority of the day. Other facilities will charge you a boarding rate and additional fee for playtime or daycare.


Send your Dog on a vacation to The Ranch. Our boarders PLAY at Shady Acres Pet Ranch! Your Dog will enjoy being outside in our large play yards, running, playing, and socializing with other dogs. At bedtime, your Dog will spend the night hours in one of our luxury heated and air conditioned rooms.
*Additional dog discount is offered for dogs from the same owner sharing a room.
*Food charges may apply, see below.
*Holiday bookings require deposit, see below.

Doggy Daycare

Day of Departure: Check Out Time

On your day of departure, our check out time is 1pm, all boarding dogs must be picked up by 1pm on the day they go home to allow us to clean our rooms and prepare for incoming dogs. If your dog needs to stay past 1pm, your dog can participate in daycare for $17.


Food and Medications

Medications: No Charge
Client food individually bagged in ziplocks by feeding: No Charge
Client food not individually bagged by feeding: $2/dog/day
Kennel food: $2/dog/day


Holiday Booking Deposit Policy

Holiday bookings require a 50% deposit. During holidays we reach capacity and early cancellation of your reserved space is critical. The deposit is refundable if canceled 14 days prior to start of your stay. The deposit for holiday bookings not canceled 14 days prior to the start of your stay, including early returns, is non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay extra for more play time?

No, dogs play outside in groups all day. All play time is included in your pricing.

Do I have to pay extra for medications?

No, we do not charge any fees to administer medications.

Do I need to prepare my food a certain way?

Yes, you need to bag your food by feeding. If you do not bag your food by feeding we will charge you $2 per dog per day to prepare your meals by feeding.

Do I have to pay extra if I do not bring my food?

Yes, we charge $2 per dog per day to feed our food.