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A Lifelong Passion For Animals


When you bring your Dog to The Ranch, we offer you more than just a place to stay for the night… We offer you a place in our family. We are a small, family run, operation and we live on property. Shady Acres Pet Ranch is run by Megan and Tom Wittkower, with plenty of love supplied by our three children.


Megan is an animal expert, a 10 year Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Surgical Technician, and Certified Animal CPR and First Aid Specialist. While staying here your dog has the absolute best possible care available should any need arise. Because of Megan’s expertise, we are able to accommodate dogs with special medical needs, just ask… and let our compassionate care exceed your every expectation.


The Ranch is the fulfillment of Megan’s life-long dream, to create a place where your Dog becomes a part of our family and is treated as such. Where dogs can be dogs, run, play, and socialize. Our laid-back atmosphere is relaxing for pets, giving them a stress free environment while you are away. Her life is driven by a PASSION for animals and she has dedicated her life to the care and nurturing of all animals.

About Shady Acres Pet Ranch. A Passion for The Love and Enrichment of Animals...

This is not your typical boarding facility. We started The Ranch with the simple philosophy that Dogs should be able to run and play in a open, social, safe, natural environment. We have a PASSION to nurture and care for animals... and have dedicated the last 20 years of our lives to the enrichment of animals. We are a small, family run, operation and we live on property... we open our home to your Dog and bring them into our family while you are away. Things are different here... we operate only a small number of dog boarding rooms and keep only the amount of dogs we feel like we can provide ample love, nurturing and attention to.

We hope that you will visit our facility and see the difference, we are confident your Dog will.

About Megan

Megan is the owner of Shady Acres Pet Ranch and Compassion Pet Sitting. With over 10 years of Veterinary Technician and 20 years of animal care experience, Megan has dedicated her life to the care of animals. Megan is animal CPR and First Aid Certified.


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Send your Dog on a vacation to The Ranch. Our boarders PLAY at Shady Acres Pet Ranch! Your Dog will enjoy being outside in our large play yards, running, playing, and socializing with other dogs. At bedtime, your Dog will spend the night hours in one of our luxury heated and air conditioned suites.

Doggy Playcare

It's not Doggy Daycare, it's Doggy PLAYcare! Your Dog will play ALL DAY with friends in one of our large open play yards. Plenty of open space to run, exercise, and socialize with other dogs... or stretch out under a shade tree for an afternoon nap.

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